As a fundamental and naturally-occurring steroid hormone, testosterone plays an important role in developing the male reproductive organs, muscle, bone, and body hair. The body also relies on testosterone for psychological and physiological well-being. Testosterone deficiencies may lead to major health problems, including osteoporosis and general frailty.

What’s in It for You?

“Well, thanks for the boring scientific explanation,” you’re probably saying to yourself. “But what are the benefits for me? Why should I consider taking a testosterone booster?” Great question! Read on to learn more about the various pros and cons of testosterone boosters, including the types of folks who should seriously consider them.

Who Should Consider Testosterone Boosters

Not all men should consider investing in a testosterone booster. Pros and cons alike exist for this class of supplement, and you should absolutely spend some time doing your research and acknowledging both sides of the debate before choosing the right testosterone supplement for your body’s needs.

Aging’s Effect on Natural Testosterone Levels in Men

After the age of 30, most men experience a decline in their natural testosterone levels. This decline correlates with general aging, although it becomes more apparent as men reach more advanced years of age. For those men who have begun to age and want to regain a higher level of functioning, including workout stamina and sexual drive (commonly known as libido), a testosterone booster can offer tangible benefits.

According to a study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital, around 70% of the prescriptions doctors write for testosterone boosters indicate an age between 40 and 60, demonstrating that this problem tends to affect men who are older rather than younger. If you’re a teenager who has not yet finished growing or a young adult who has not yet reached the age of 30, you may want to reconsider purchasing a testosterone booster.

For men older than 30 looking to revitalize their bodies, enjoy additional sexual prowess in bed, and develop more muscle mass and density, a testosterone booster supplement isn’t a terrible idea. Read on to learn more about the various testosterone boosters available on the market today and which ones you should especially consider if you’re looking for a natural and healthy way to boost your testosterone.

The Pros of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone can offer several benefits to men who are experiencing the natural decline of bodily-produced testosterone that comes with aging, including:

  • A Natural, Safe Approach to Rejuvenation: Testosterone isn’t like anabolic steroids and other excessive chemicals – it’s a natural part of your body that can help to reduce the effects of aging and other health concerns that go along with it.
  • Libido Improvements: For men looking to spice things up in bed, testosterone can offer real benefits, including erectile performance upgrades and more stamina between the sheets. Best of all, sex offers cardiovascular benefits since – well, it’s a cardio activity.
  • Better Workouts: Testosterone is the fuel that drives a man’s workout, and the more you have the better when it comes lifting weights at the gym or just going for a nice jog around the neighborhood. You’ll enjoy serious exercise benefits when you take a testosterone booster.
  • Psychological Benefits and Motivation: Last – but certainly not least – testosterone can improve a man’s psychological health and motivation. These non-physical factors are just as important as the physiological benefits that testosterone offers.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these benefits to see how they can work together to have a seriously positive impact on your life.

Pro #1 Safety and Tolerance: What’s the Verdict?

The good news is that the majority of the testosterone booster pills on the market today are what you and most others would call “natural.” That’s not to say that they were plucked from a living organism, but these supplements were synthetically produced to closely mimic the body’s natural testosterone. The ingredients that these boosters contain include minerals and vitamins that the body needs – the raw materials for creating that all-important testosterone you need to get the job done.

Pro #2 Libido

By augmenting your body’s ability to produce testosterone, testosterone pills can improve your sexual performance. If you have experienced erectile problems that you believe are related to a deficiency in testosterone or the many important vitamins and minerals required for its production in the quantities you need, a testosterone booster can heighten your libido and impress your partner.

Pro #3 Better Workouts

By boosting your body’s ability to produce natural testosterone, these supplements can help you to enjoy better workouts and get more gains out of your existing workout routine. With more energy, stamina, and resilience, you’ll be able to do an extra set here or there to start. With a careful regimen and a consistent routine, your workout routine will absolutely improve. You may also experience cardiovascular benefits that will improve your ability to enjoy aerobic exercises and jogging.

Pro #4 Psychological Benefits and Motivation

Best of all, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll experience significant psychological benefits from taking a testosterone booster supplement. These psychological benefits and the resulting motivation can drive your workouts and physical activity to new heights, thereby creating a self-reinforcing cycle that creates a healthier you.

The Cons of Testosterone Boosters

On the other hand, there are a few cons associated with testosterone boosters. If you’ve ever watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster, then you’ll know what these points relate to. Some of the most significant downsides are listed below.

Con #1 Testosterone Boosters Are Not Testosterone

A testosterone booster does not immediately add testosterone to your endocrine system. By taking a booster here and there, you aren’t going to immediately notice a boost in testosterone levels shortly after consuming the supplement.

If this is the type of solution you’re looking for, you may be more interested in synthetic testosterone injections – but be warned that actual testosterone supplements can supplant your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone, thereby accelerating the aging process and causing all sorts of other health conditions that are best avoided.

Some of these conditions include an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, the growth of prostate cancers, reduced sperm count, blood clots in the legs, an enlarged prostate, swollen breasts, swollen feet, and swollen ankles among many other serious medical conditions. It may be best to avoid actual synthetic testosterone in favor of a booster supplement.

Con #2 They Aren’t Steroids

While this con doesn’t actually sound like a problem, it’s good to include this in your thinking. That’s because athletes who are looking for an immediate, significant gain in muscle mass or performance improvements won’t find that with a typical testosterone booster supplement. If you’re interested in steroids, you should have that discussion with a knowledgeable professional, as there are serious side effects associated with steroid intake. These side effects include sexual changes, major health problems, and more.

Con #3 A Wide Variety of Products That Don’t Do Anything

Since testosterone booster supplements are relatively simple to manufacture, a number of companies have jumped into the market with substandard, poorly-tested products that likely do nothing more than empty your wallet. Before purchasing a testosterone booster supplement, you should seriously examine the trustworthiness of the manufacturer to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off.

Additional Options to Consider When Taking Testosterone Boosters

If you decide a testosterone booster is right for you, there are a few other lifestyle changes you should consider making in conjunction with your supplementation, including:

  • Sleeping More: Sleeping more can boost your health in a variety of ways, including giving you more energy for physically-strenuous activities like working out and sex. Almost everyone reading this article could do with more sleep, so don’t neglect your body’s need for sleep! You should aim to get at least 7 hours per night.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercise can boost your testosterone and muscle mass, as well as improve your cardiac performance. Exercise can also reduce cholesterol, leading to the removal of one of the major barriers of penile erection that men experience as they age. With this many benefits, what’s not to love about exercise?
  • Reduce Stress Factors: Other stress factors in your life can cause issues, including work-related stress, financial pressures, and relationship issues. Take a close look at the stress factors in your own life in order to see if anything can be changed that would make a positive impact on your health.

What’s Next?

After carefully considering the pros and cons associated with testosterone booster supplements, you should make sure that you pick a supplement brand that comes from a well-regarded manufacturer. By focusing on customer reviews, ingredients, and the overall reputation of the company, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision regarding your next purchase.

Best of all, the ingredients contained within these booster supplements can offer tangible health benefits in other factors of your life thanks to the many vitamins and minerals they contain. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect testosterone booster!

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