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Get the highest and purest intake of 100% pure organic spirulina and chlorella supergreens available in a single dose (2000MG).  Cleansing chlorella is amazing for detoxification and creating an alkaline PH balance. Disease and disorder cannot take hold with a balanced PH in the body. Spirulina & Chlorella are two of the world’s purest superfoods with elements missing in most diets. 





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Nutrifect combines spirulina and chlorella for the perfect daily greens supplement. These are two of the world’s purest superfoods with elements missing in most diets. It is the most complete and healthy form of proteins - 8 highly absorbable amino acids, fast-acting source of 100% vegan protein. Packs the highest dose in a serving. 

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Spirulina and Chlorella are two of the most complete superfoods available. Not only do they have one of the highest levels of proteins, between 50-70% per weight, they are also complete proteins containing all 8 essential amino acids. This means your body can more easily absorb the proteins and vital nutrients. This is ideal for all humans but especially high performing athletes! 

The chlorophyll included helps provide an incredible cleanse for the body by helping breakdown the toxins in the system. Toxins then attach to the chlorophyll and are literally dragged out of your system. With fewer toxins and presence of more complete vitamins and minerals, your body is able to improve and promote a healthier array of friendly bacteria, in some instances even stimulating up to 4X the amount of current healthy bacteria depending on deficiencies.

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The blue-green algae also includes many of the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that most people’s diets neglect. This includes gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which helps regulate blood sugar, brain health, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory for system health and joint support. Besides a rich vegan source of protein, blue-green algae are also known to aid in exercise, improving endurance and tolerance in athletes.



This freshwater single cell algae nutrient superfood is spherical and contains chlorophyll photosynthetic pigments that boost your energy. It is cousins to spirulina. Chlorella benefits the entire body by supporting many functions. It also negates effects of chemotherapy and radiation and detoxifies the body overall including heavy metals. Great source of Vitamin K, B1, B6, and Phosphorus. It is more nutrient dense per gram than kale, spinach, and broccoli.


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Spirulina Chlorella
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